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Exquisite Skin Care

I am an alchemist. I love making skin care products.

When I branched out from soaps and began making cremes, I didn’t just make them; I wanted them to be beneficial. So I had to do my homework. I read about the skin, what factors cause dry skin and wrinkles. My research led me to this conclusion. Skin problems inevitably begin inside our bodies, with poor eating habits, not enough fluids consumed, not enough fats in the diet, immoderate habits and too much sun.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to eat healthily (plenty of fruits and vegetables), drink good water, get plenty of exercise and moisturize your skin with a really good cream. Remember what you put on your skin your body drinks. The fewer the ingredients the better. Water, oil and beeswax (as a binder) are really all that is necessary in a skin care product.

Taking that research into account, you will find very few ingredients in Karita's skin care products! Each ingredient Karita uses is easily pronounced, and beneficial for your skin. And you will find the exquisite cremes rival the best anywhere!

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